Welcome To My World Of Poetry


My poetry is about life, and it’s highs and its lows what makes us all tick. What we all go through on any giving day with relationships heartache and pain, love and inspirational. The words are what I see from when I open my eyes till I close them.



Born under the ruling planet Mercury and with multiracial roots of Jamaican and Greek, Gemini Michel’s beauty and anger issues brought trouble into her early life and created a chip on her shoulder. Fortunate to find refuge from the world in her loving father and comfortable middle-class Georgetown neighborhood in Washington, D.C., Gemini used her chip to fuel her successful basketball career and to become a martial arts phenomenon. However, upon her father’s tragic and unexpected death and being uprooted from her comfortable lifestyle, an angry Gemini finds herself on a path that leads from one destructive relationship to the next in a quest to find the unwavering love she had from her father. 


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