You created this environment

of hatred and poverty

To collect souls

with your illusions of prosperity

I do not know

how long you had me hypnotized

With your enchanted glaze

of power in your eyes

Now that I have broken

your chains of monopoly

I am free from your bond

of mental slavery

Even though you’re very influential

and will always be around

With wisdom and creativity

you can never hold me down

I have transcended your delusion

of false liberty

Because your delusions

where never part of my reality

By Dante Jones



I wish I had gotten

the chance to know you

However, you died at a young age

like most gifted artists do

Your pen was mightier

than your sword

I know in my life

it struck me to the core

Your eyes always look as if you

had so much pain in your soul

I guess from traveling down

those lonely dreary roads

Maybe all your headaches

and suffering will come to cease

Now that the conflict

within you is at peace

Even though your life

was often filled with controversy

I hope in the next life

your soul will be set free

Because you were truly

misunderstood in this life

Maybe now they will see

you in a different light

By Dante Jones



Falling in love with someone is so hard to do

Especially when you think they won’t catch you

You take a step forward while they take one step back

Is there something wrong with us, why is that

So lost at times, where is the love between us

Or is love lost the reason no one is in a rush

To tell one another how they truly feel

But when I feel your touch I know what we have is real

So why are we letting the scars of our past control us

Where our kindness was taken, along with our trust

I know I’ve given you reasons that this road won’t be easy

Yet you still find away to show me that you need me

I’ve tried and tried but I know I cannot outrun my heart

Knowing how much pain I feel when we are apart

You will always fill my heart even through times of sorrow

Because everything time I look into your eyes

all I see is a beautiful tomorrow

By Dante Jones



               INFINITE POWER

Your darkness blanketed my mind and soul

Reducing me to ashes and nothing more

However I still imagine I’m an autumn breeze

Floating in and out of life sins with ease 

As my big as butt tries to cover my shadow

Giving me less opportunities for my survival 

Awaken from the power of my crown to my root

It gives me the strength to endure all truths

Besides my third eye sees what you don’t see

All the beautiful realms that indwell within me

                 E.S. Elliott



Born with a beautiful crown on my head

It intertwines with the extensions of my braids

As it masquerades in front of my face

Covering my brow that’s hidden in its place

What do they call me, hoe, thot, Bih, even ugly

I am neither nor am I sex, love, or beauty

What I am you will never comprehend

I am earth, nurturer, mother, I am God within

                    E.S. Eliot


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