Poetry Wall


I’ve walked till I lost my way

in the darkness of despair

Stuck in the same place

Wondering why life is unfair

Where pain and emptiness

are the best dreams I have

Each time I raise my head

the faceless block my path

Slowly choking from the

pressure I nearly forgotten

That I was giving a crown

the night I was begotten

Something within me has

spark a small beautiful blaze

Seeing life in a different light

has left me spiritually daze

When I hear a soft whisper

this is when you feel my love

Slowly I begin to rise again

after no longer feeling blind

My heart starts to get stronger

as my veins gradually open up

That’s when I realize the truth

that I was always good enough


by Dante Jones



I wish I had gotten

the chance to know you

However, you died at a young age

like most gifted artists do

Your pen was mightier

than your sword

I know in my life

it struck me to the core

Your eyes always look as if you

had so much pain in your soul

I guess from traveling down

those lonely dreary roads

Maybe all your headaches

and suffering will come to cease

Now that the conflict

within you is at peace

Even though your life

was often filled with controversy

I hope in the next life

your soul will be set free

Because you were truly

misunderstood in this life

Maybe now they will see

you in a different light

by Dante Jones



As I continue to walk down my path

I would witness empty faces as I pass

I can feel it running through my veins

As it slowly catches up with me again

Turning my strength into a weakness

Where I cannot escape this darkness

Desperately failing to outrun my spirit

Without a guide I was so in fear of it

You can never outrun your dreams

Some lessons are hard to learn it seems

While some blessings take much longer

In the end they all make you stronger

No longer trying to outrun my battles

Because I’m surrounded now and after

By a power that made a way for me

Showing the beauty within me I seek

by Dante Jones




Now that I am here without you

I keep my head in the clouds above

Where I have slowly come to learn

that pain teaches you more than love

You told me everywhere you go I’ll go

all I have to do is trust you and believe

Following it with, we will always be

but words are only words, not reality I see

Always disappearing like a fucking magician

only reappearing when you wanted more sex

Feeling more stupid then I did before

because after arguing I’ll give in and say yes

Wishing that night never turned into days

then into weeks, then into three long years

Feeling so empty I used sex as a weapon

trying to keep you, I replaced love with fear

The more I press the more it remain the same

I felt more and more alone like no one else

A cycle that continued to stay on repeat

because I loved you more than I loved myself

by E.S. Elliott



Born with a beautiful crown on my head

It intertwines with the extensions of my braids

As it masquerades in front of my face

Covering my brow that’s hidden in its place

What do they call me, hoe, thot, Bih, even ugly

I am neither nor am I sex, love, or beauty

What I am you will never comprehend

I am earth, nurturer, mother, I am God within

E.S. Eliot